Schneider Slider Rave XB Test & review

Schneider Slider Rave XB Test

Schneider Slider Rave XB

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1. Facts

Pen Type:Ballpoint Pen
Weight:14.1 g
Length:5.51 inch
Girth:1.29 inch
Price:$ 10.13
Scope of delivery:Pen, refill

2. Manufacturing

The pen feels high-quality. The mechanism for “clicking out” the refill works smoothly with a pleasant resistance. The pen is mainly made of plastic, the tip, clip and click pin are made of metal. The plastic is not completely smooth and therefore offers some grip.

Schneider Slider Rave XB Ballpoint Pen

3. Writing Performance

The Slider Rave XB glides smoothly over the paper. The refill is relatively wide at the front, so that the ballpoint pen still writes even if the refill is not at a 90 degree angle to the sheet. But this also has the disadvantage that the line is not as fine and quickly looks messy. As usual with ballpoint pens, the line width depends on the pressure with which the pen is moved over the paper. However, the Slider Rave XB slider requires a relatively high pressure for an easily readable line, which has the disadvantage that the line width is not constant, especially when writing fast. On correction band the pen writes well.

The refill of the Schneider Slider Rave XB compared to a conventional ballpoint pen

Schneider Slider Rave XB refill

4. 5-Hours Written Exam Test

The Slider Slider Rave XB is also suitable for long writing sessions. Thanks to the fact that it glides easily and smoothly over the paper, you can also write very quickly with it. The slightly roughened texture provides a good grip when writing fast, even with sweaty fingers.

After about 2 hours of writing through, my middle finger, which the pen was resting on, started hurting because the pen has to be pressed relatively hard against the paper in order for it to write evenly, even though it glides well. This also causes the hand to cramp slightly from time to time.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion of the Schneider Slider Rave XB test & review: The Slider Rave XB is an excellent pen, which is very well made, fits well in the hand and is also suitable for fast writing. Only during long writing phases does this pen from Schneider show that there is still room for improvement in terms of ergonomics. The pen is probably best suited for taking notes in lectures, seminars etc. because of its good writing characteristics. The Schneider Haptify is even better, mainly because of its ergonomics, but also because of its refill. Click here for the test.

The Schneider Slider Rave XB is available on Amazon or in stationery shops.

6. Scoring by Points

Manufacturing/ Haptic:9/10
Writing Performance:8/10
Writing on correction band:10/10
Speed Writing:8/10
Suitability for long Writing

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