Schneider Haptify – Test & review

Schneider Haptify Test and review

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1. Facts

Pen Type:Ballpoint pen
Weight:15.2 g
Length:5.62 inch
Girth:1.65 inch
Price:$ 6.47
Scope of delivery:Pen incl. Refill

2. Manufacturing

The Schneider Haptify is made of plastic, with a rubberized grip surface that sits well in your hand. In addition, the grip surface is trihedral and thus ergonomic. The overall quality of the Schneider Haptify is really good, which is evident from the fact that I’ve been using the pen for so long that I’ve already had to replace the refill and the grip surface is still feeling like new and not worn out. The clip is made from metal and sturdy, which makes the pen ideal for all those who tend to “take off” the clips on pens 😉

Schneider Haptify Ballpoint Pen

3. Writing Performance

The ergonomic shape of the grip area promotes a correct writing technique, which helps during long periods of writing to maintain a proper writing style despite fatigue.

The refill of the Schneider Haptify also deserves special mention. It is relatively fine and glides well over the paper and the line on the paper is always consistent. The Schneider Haptify never smeared until the refill was exhausted, which I only experienced with refills from the upper price segment, like the Fisher Space Pen Mine. The Schneider Haptify writes on correction band without any problems.

Schneider Refill comparison

4. 5-Hours Written Exam Test

The Schneider Haptify performed well in the endurance test, thanks to its ergonomic grip surface. However, the grip surface is hard and does not offer the advantage of the gel grip surfaces of the Uniball Signo or Sensa Cloud 9. This caused my hand to tense up a bit towards the end of the test when I had to write particularly fast, especially because the ballpoint pen refill tempts me to press it down harder.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion of the Schneider Hayptify test & review: I can’t recommend the Schneider Haptify without reservation when it comes to exams, because despite its ergonomic grip surface, it tempts you to grip it too tightly when writing quickly. In contrast to gel or ink pens, the ballpoint pen refill forgives pressing firmly onto the paper, which causes the hand to tense up during longer writing phases. But if you are looking for an alternative to the ergonomic ink pens Schneider Ray and Schneider Breeze, you won’t go wrong with the Schneider Haptify.

Despite this the Schneider Haptify has become my pen for everyday use, especially for taking notes or writing on index cards, because the refill writes excellently and the pen lies very well in my hand. It also has an extremely good price-performance ratio.

Here you can buy the Schneider Haptify.

6. Addition in July 2020:

I have now used up more refills from Schneider (Express 775 M). Some of those were “black sheep”, i.e. refills that smeared and dribbled. If you have this problem too, the Fisher Space Pen Gas Pressure Refill is a good solution for the problem. Here you can find all information.

7. Scoring by Points

Manufacturing/ Haptic:10/10
Writing Performance:9/10
Writing on correction band:10/10
Speed Writing:7/10
Suitability for long Writing

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