Uniball Signo 207 Premier – Test & review

Uniball Signo 207 Premier Test

Uniball Signo
207 Premier

Uniball Signo 207 Premier test & review – the Sensa Cloud 9 alternative?

1. Facts

Pen Type:Gel Pen
Weight:18.8 g
Length:5.82 inch
Girth:1.57 inch
Price:$ 9.19
Scope of delivery:Pen incl. Refill

2. Manufacturing

The Uniball Signo is made entirely of plastic except for the clip. Nevertheless, the pen has a very good and valuable feel and immaculate workmanship. This pen also has a gel grip surface. It is a bit harder and doesn’t adapt as well to your fingers as the Sensa Cloud 9, but the surface still feels comfortable and offers a good grip.

Uniball Gel Pen
The grip surface is made of gel and adapts easily to the fingers.

3. Writing Performance

The gel refill glides quickly over the paper and the ink dries quickly, which means that the pen only smears when brushing over the very fresh line. The ink also sticks on correction band, but it takes much longer to dry on it. The refill is relatively thin which makes the writing easy to read and gives it a neat appearance.

4. 5-Hour Written Exam Test

The gel grip pad relaxes the hand while writing. The gel is somewhat harder which means that no real grooves are formed where the fingers grip the pen but that doesn’t mean that the fingers or hand will easier cramp. And you won’t feel the pressure points on your fingers. The gel refill offers another advantage. It prevents you from pressing the pen too hard on the paper, as is often the case with a ballpoint pen when writing quickly.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion of the Uniball Signo 207 Premier test & review: The Uniball Signo is well suited for writing over a longer period of time. The gel padding does not lead to the same “relaxation effect” as the Sensa pen, which is most likely due to the hardness of the gel surface. This however is compensated by the price performance ratio of the Uniball Signo, which is well ahead of the Sensa pen.

The Uniball Signo 207 Premier is unfortunately only available in very well stocked stationery shops. However, it is available online at Amazon, among others.

6. Scoring by Points

Manufacturing/ Haptic:8/10
Writing Performance:10/10
Writing on correction band:5/10
Speed Writing:10/10
Suitability for long Writing

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