Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium Test & Review

Cleo Skribent Pen Test

Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium

Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium Test & Review – The Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium is a ballpoint pen from the series of alternatives to the Mont Blanc ballpoint pen. So ballpoint pens that have a comparable quality, but are cheaper. Here you can find the overview of this comparison.

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1. Facts

Lenght:7.7 in
Girth of the grip surface:1.2 in
Weight:13,5 g
Price:$ 88.50
Scope of delivery:Ballpoint pen,
gift box,
Warranty certificate

2. Scope of Delivery and Packaging

The Cleo Skribent ballpoint pen comes in a solid cardboard box with the brand’s logo and lettering printed on it. The inside of the box is lined with imitation leather.

Cleo Skribent Test Review Pen
Cleo Skribent packaging

Along with the pen, a small booklet is included with information about the pen, cleaning and a lifetime warranty.

Cleo Skribent Scope of delivery

3. Design und Workmanship

Cleo Skribent Palladium Classic photo

The design of the Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium is simple, classy and timeless. The majority of the pen is black and high gloss. The tip, the lettering on the ring in the center of the pen, and the clip contain silver accents of palladium.

Cleo Skribent Palladium Classic picture

The Classic Palladium has two grooves in the front of the tip and there is the Cleo Skribent logo on the top of the pen.

Cleo Skribent Stift ballpoint pen
Cleo Skribent logo pen

The black parts of the Cleo Skribent pen are made of high-grade resin (you can read about what high-grade resin is here) and the silver parts are made of palladium. The thread to unscrew the pen, for example to change the refill of the pen, is made of metal and unscrews smoothly.

Cleo Skribent refill replacement

4. Handling of the Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium

The Cleo Skribent feels very valuable with a weight of 23.6 grams. Unfortunately, the pen’s center of gravity is quite high up in the pen. The pen would sit better in the hand if the weight were better distributed.

The mechanism for retracting the refill works smoothly. The tension to engage the refill is pleasantly tense, but a bit more tense than the Mont Blanc Pix. When retracting, the mechanism grinds very slightly, which you cannot feel but hear minimally.

The clip of the Cleo Skribent pen is hard-tensioned because it is not spring-loaded, but is directly attached to the pen only by metal. This makes the clip less flexible and with each use it wears out the material.

The Cleo Skribent ballpoint pen is unfortunately very susceptible to fingerprints. This is because of the material and therefore can hardly be avoided.

5. Writing with the Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium

The Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium comes with a Cleo Skribent Easy Flow refill.

Cleo Skribent refill

This emits a bit more ink than a usual ballpoint refill, but also not as much as a gel refill, and thus glides very smoothly over the paper. The refill does not drip, but failed occasionally, although only rarely. The refill writes best when the angle of the pen to the paper is 90 degrees. The further the pen is towards 45 degrees to the paper, the worse it writes and then scratches slightly but noticeably over the paper.

Cleo Skribent writing

The ballpoint pen fits well in the hand with a circumference of 1.2 in. But the material of the ballpoint pen is quite hard and smooth, so it is not suitable for writing a lot and long. But if you want to write something down, sign or use it in everyday life, you will be satisfied with the writing performance.

6. Price/performance ratio

I bought the Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium for $ 88.50. Thus, the pen is not cheap, but for the price of the Mont Blanc Pix you would almost get about three Classic Palladium pens. The pen is very well made and the design is timeless and noble. However, the pen is not designed without compromise. The mechanism for unscrewing the refill is not perfect and the clip is not spring-loaded. Since the pen, as stated by the manufacturer, is made in Germany and the quality is controlled manually, the price is actually really reasonable, because in Germany, of course, the labor costs are higher. But I’m not quite sure whether this justifies the price of $ 88.50. Equally difficult is the question of whether the name Cleo Skribent, while representing a traditional company, justifies a higher price for the brand name, as it is for example the case with the Mont Blanc pens.

7. Conlusion on the Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium

The Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium is well made and the refill writes well. However, the refill is not perfect and the pencil itself has slight potential for improvement. This is surely a bit nitpicky, however you should keep in mind that the pen costs $ 88.50. Those who don’t want to spend $ 200-300 on a Mont Blanc, but are looking for a good alternative, will compromise a little when buying the Cleo Skribent, but will still be satisfied. But if you are just looking for a good ballpoint pen and not a Mont Blanc alternative, the price of the Cleo Skribent Classic Palladium is probably a bit high. But if you like the pen and are willing to pay the price, you won’t regret buying it.

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