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Mont blanc pix test review

Mont Blanc Pix

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1. Facts

Lenght:5.19 in
Girth of the grip surface:1.06 in
Weight:19,5 g
Price:$ 199.99
Scope of delivery:Pen, Box,
guarantee paper

The Mont Blanc PIX is arguably the entry level Mont Blanc ballpoint pen. At just under $ 200.00, it is not cheap, but at least cheaper than the other – more elaborately designed – ballpoint pens from Mont Blanc. Nonetheless, I think that the entry-level model does a good job as a representative for the higher class pens. If this model has the right workmanship, the higher priced models will be even more impressive. If you are looking for a Mont Blanc alternative, click here.

2. Scope of Delivery and Packaging

The Mont Blanc ballpoint pen is delivered in a noble box.

Mont blanc box Test
Mont blanc ballpoint pen review
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The packaging also contains a warranty booklet with care instructions for a fountain pen. I guess for that money you can’t expect to have your own booklet for ballpoint pens…

3. Design und Workmanship

The Pix Black from Mont Blanc weighs 19.9 g and feels good in your hand; according to the manufacturer it should weigh 16.5 g, but that doesn’t matter. Body and cap of the Mont Blanc are made of precious resin.

But what exactly is precious resin?

The Mont Blanc website does not really provide any information about this. A short research showed that precious resin is a plastic, similar to plexiglass, which is suitable for the pens because it is reasonably scratch-resistant, but can also be used to create a beautiful shine.

By the way, if you are wondering how to clean the precious resin, you can use microfibre watch cleaning cloths to avoid scratches.

The clip is platinum-plated and contains the serial number of the pen at the top, finely engraved. The other parts like the tip of the pen and the writing on the body are also platinum plated.

mont blanc pen platinum
mont blanc pen logo

4. Handling of the Mont Blanc PIX

The mechanism for the pin feels really good, because the refill can be pushed out smoothly. As soon as the refill is completely out, the mechanism doesn’t just end, but it feels as if something has “snapped in”. I can’t really describe this, but it feels completely different than the twist mechanism of a “normal” ballpoint pen.

All in all, the Mont Blanc PIX is a simple, elegant and therefore timeless ballpoint pen, which still makes an impression with its combination of precious resin and platinum-plated elements. The ballpoint pen is manufactured to the highest standards and feels like that.

But I doubt whether the material costs really come close to the purchase price, but who really expects this from a luxury product?

5. Writing with the Mont Blanc PIX

The Mont Blanc PIX refill is the standard brass Mont Blanc refill, I tested the colour Mystery Black.

mont blanc refill

The Mont Blanc writes smoothly and glides well over the paper, although you have to apply the usual pressure when writing.

mont blanc writing test

In my opinion, however, the pen’s centre of gravity is a bit too high in the pen. This is caused by the shape of the pen and the distribution of the materials.

The pen is relatively thin at the grip surface with 1.06 inch, meaning that it feels good in your hand but is not very suitable for longer writing phases. If you are looking for a pen for long writing sessions or for writing quickly, e.g. for taking notes at seminars etc. click here.

For signing autographs or everyday notes the Mont Blanc PIX Black is definitely the right pen.

4. Conclusion about the Mont Blanc PIX

After the test & review of the Mont Blanc PiX I asked myself again and again whether the price of $ 200.00 is justified. The Mont Blanc PIX is a very well made pen that leaves nothing to be desired with its simple elegance and high-quality materials. It writes very well and does not smear.

The Mont Blanc PIX is ideal as a gift. Because of the above reasons, most of us will probably never buy such a pen for ourselves. But since the pen is truly beautiful and great to write with, everyone will probably be happy to receive a Mont Blanc PIX ballpoint pen.

If you are ready to pay the luxury surcharge, I can fully recommend the Mont Blanc PIX. Here you can get it. Here you find Mont Blanc alternatives.

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