Kaweco Classic Sport Test & Review

Kaweco classic Sport test review

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1. Facts

Lenght:4.1 in
5.11 in with attached cap
Girth of the grip surface:1.06 in
Weight:19,5 g
Price:$ 17.99
Scope of delivery:Pen, Box

The Kaweco Classic Sport is available in many colours, as a Brass-Version or as a Steel-Version. In the following test I tested the green Kaweco Sport Rollerball made of plastic, as it appealed to me the most visually and I found the metal pens to be too heavy to carry them well in a jacket as an everyday pen.

Kaweco – Classic retro design paired with the latest technology

Kaweco’s product range includes ballpoint and gel ink pens, fountain pens and mechanical pencils, and even a grip (pencil case) for an Apple Pencil.

Kaweco has a long history, which began in 1883 with its foundation in Heidelberg (Germany). The brand had its hight point with the release of licensed products for the Olympic Games in 1971. In 1994 Kaweco revived the Sport series and today the retro pens are back in style.

Kaweco has the pencils hand assembled and finished in Nuremberg. This does not say anything about whether the pen blanks are actually made in Germany. But at least it seems to guarantee a quality control by hand.

2. Scope of Delivery and Packaging

The Kaweco Classic Sport comes in a beautiful metal box with a sticker and a small booklet with warranty, instructions and a short company history.

Kaweco pen
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3. Design and Manufacturing of the Kaweco Classic Sport

The Kaweco Classic Sport is made of plastic with a good feel to your hands. The pen features the logo and brand name in beautiful gold details.

best gel pen Kaweco

The pen is not heavy at 13 g, but still sits well in the hand. The cap can be twisted off easily and smoothly and holds well if you put it on the back of the pen.

Kaweco Sport Classic Pen

The only shortcoming of the Kaweco Classic Sport: The removal of the cap

And by this I don’t mean the cap that protects the tip of the refill, but the cap that allows you to change the refill. After a few days of using the Kaweco Classic Sport, I noticed that it sometimes loosens. This can be avoided by tightening it from time to time. This is not the end of the world, but I believe it is worth the mention.

4. Writing with the Kaweco Classic Sport

The Kaweco Classic Sport is a gel pen whose gel refill features a ceramic ball and is therefore supposed to write particularly smoothly according to the manufacturer. Subjectively, I couldn’t notice any difference in the writing flow compared to other brand pens with metal balls.

Kaweco Pen test

But I noticed that the gel roller is a little finer and does not release too much ink during writing, which makes it smudge less during writing. The Kaweco rollerballs are therefore also suitable for left-handed people who naturally have higher requirements for not smearing pens. The refill of the Classic Sport did not dry up even after several days of non-use and did not drip up to now.

5. Ergonomics of the Kaweco Classic Sport

The grip surface of the Kaweco gel roller has a slightly arched shape. This allows the pen to adapt slightly to the thumb, index and middle finger. Although the grip surface has a small circumference of 1.06 inch, the pen is easy to use. However, the Kaweco pen does not offer optimal ergonomics for frequent writers, because the surface is still a bit too narrow for that and does not adapt perfectly to the fingers. However, this will only have a negative effect if you write a lot. If you are looking for a pen for fast writing or long periods of writing, click here.

6. Conclusion on the Kaweco Classic Sport

The Kaweco Classic Sport with its classic retro design is a really nice pen. I like the colors and the style, which is ultimately a matter of personal taste. But the pen also wins out on objective criteria. The refill with ceramic ball makes the Kaweco a reliable pen that writes nicely and does not smear. The quality of workmanship is also absolutely satisfying. The only point of criticism remains the loosening of the cap, which I personally can overlook, because the problem can be easily solved by occasionally tightening it.

The price of the Kaweco Classic Sport of approx. 17.99 $ is certainly not low, but considering the design and the quality of workmanship and the (final) production in Germany it is probably still justified.

At work, I have been asked about the Kaweco Classic Sport in green more often (positively) than the Mont Blanc pen I tested before.

All in all I can recommend the Kaweco Classic Sport or other pencils from Kaweco. Here you can get the tested pen.

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