Faber Castell Grip Gold Test & Review

Faber Castell Grip Gold Test

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1. Facts

Lenght:5.7 in
Umfang der Girth of the grip surface:1.3 in
Weight:13.1 g
Price:$ 15,21
Scope of delivery:Ballpoint pen

2. Scope of Delivery and Packaging

The golden ballpoint pen by Faber Castell comes without extensive packaging. In a set with a fountain pen, there is the possibility to get the Faber Castell Grip Gold in gift wrap.

Faber Castell Gripp Gold set fountain pen

3. Design und Workmanship of the Faber Castell Grip Gold

The golden pen is very well made. There are no sharp edges or cast seams. The pen is mainly made of plastic. The clip of the pen is made of metal, shines gold and is flexible and sturdy.

From the grip area to the clip, the body of the pen contains small rubber nubs that provide grip for the fingers. Those who tend to nibble or play with things should be careful with this pen, as the rubber nubs scrape off easily. However, those who can keep their hands off of something like this don’t need to worry that the rubber nubs will come off by themselves.

faber castell ballpoint pen

The pen is triangular and the push mechanism for clicking out the refill also looks good and feels high-quality.

The Faber Castell Grip Gold is neatly finished and looks good, although the latter is of course a matter of taste. By the way, the Faber Castell Grip is also available in white, black, silver, mint and other colors.

4. Handling of the Faber Castell Grip Gold

The Faber Castell Grip Gold with a circumference of 1.3 in sits well in the hand, the triangular shape supports the correct grip of the pen. The rubber nubs provide an optimal grip and also help people who tend to sweat a little more on their fingers.

5. Writing with the Faber Castell Grip Gold

I tested the Faber Castell Grip Gold with an XB refill. This is relatively wide and rolls smoothly over the paper. It writes well and does not smear.

Faber Castell Kugelschreiber
Faber Castell Kugelschreiber Test und Review

The pen has a pleasant weight of 13.1 g and due to the thick triangular shape, you can still grip it well during longer writing phases. The rubber nubs prevent you from having to grip the pen too tightly, so it sits well in your hand.

However, I cannot recommend the pen for really long and intensive writing phases, as your hand will become too tense after a certain time as the pen is quite hard. For such intensive writing phases, you should take a look at the Uniball Signo 207 Premier with a gel grip surface.

All in all, the Faber Castell Grip Gold allows you to write well because it can be operated smoothly, it sits well in the hand and the refill also fully does its job.

6. Price / performance ratio

With a price of $ 15.00, the Faber Castell Grip Gold is not cheap. However, for a very well-made, ergonomic and visually elaborate ballpoint pen, the price is reasonable.

7. Conlusion on the Faber Castell Grip Gold

The Faber Castell Grip Gold is a beautiful and high-quality pen. It writes well and feels good in the hand. If you don’t like the gold color, the pen is also available in silver, white or other colors. The pen is definitely a recommended purchase if it appeals to you visually. I would recommend a finer refill than the XB refill, but that’s a matter of taste. Here you can buy the ballpoint pen.

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