Pilot G-2 Ex – Test & review

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1. Facts

Pen Type:Gel Pen
Weight:15.4 g
Length:5.70 inch
Girth:1.45 inch
Price:$ 9.99
Scope of delivery:Pen, refill

2. Manufacturing

The Pilot G-2 ex is made entirely of plastic except for the tip. At first glance, the pen shows no flaws in its workmanship. But the thread to unscrew the refill slightly scratches and the mechanism to “click out” the refill feels light and cheap. This cheapness doesn’t translate to the whole pen, as the pen in itself has a good feel which is only helped by the rubberized grip surface.

3. Writing Performance

The Pilot Gel Pen has a fine refill and glides well over the paper. The ink dries quickly and the pen makes an even line. It does write evenly. After some time, however, some ink collects at the tip and the pen smears from time to time. The pen also writes on roller band, but the ink needs some time to dry.

4. 5-Hours Written Exam Test

The gripping surface of the Pilot G-2 ex is rubberized, but hard, which caused my fingers to hurt a bit after a while, because I tend to press the pen a bit too hard on the paper when I am writing fast. The gel refill counteracts this somewhat, but it is not as sensitive as the ink rollers, which means there is less relaxation effect.

This makes the pen less suitable for long writing sessions due to it’s occasional smudging when writing for longer times and the not optimal ergonomics.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion of the Pilot G-2 Ex test & review: The Pilot G-2 ex is a solid gel pen. It is definitely suitable for occasional writing. However, the pen is less suitable for long writing phases.

I haven’t seen the Pilot G-2 ex in a stationery shop yet, you can order it on Amazon, among other sites.

6. Scoring by Points

Manufacturing/ Haptic:5/10
Writing Performance:8/10
Writing on correction band:10/10
Speed Writing:8/10
Suitability for long Writing

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