Schneider Ray Ink Rollerball Pen – Test & review

Schneider Ray Ink Rollerball Pen

Schneider Ray
Ink Rollerball Pen

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1. Facts

Pen Type:Ink Rollerball Pen
Weight:19.3 g
11.3 g without cap
Length:5.51 inch
Girth:1.49 inch
Price:$ 16.29
Scope of delivery:Pen, one cartridge

2. Manufacturing

The Schneider Ray ink Rollerball is made from plastic except for the clip. The grip surface as well as the white areas are rubberized, which is why the pen feels high-quality. The pen can be easily unscrewed to change the cartridge.

3. Writing Performance

The refill is very fine which means that the lines are very consistent. Because the pen is “fueled” with conventional ink, you have to be careful that nothing smears, just like with a regular fountain pen. Without the cap, the pen is relatively light, which I first had to get used to. The grip surface contains notches for thumb, index and middle finger. If you write very fast, the refill may dry out a bit and the line becomes a bit thinner. The pen can write on correction band, but it takes a long time for the ink to dry and the line is a bit thin.

Rollerball Pen Test
Rollerball Pen Ink
The fine tip of the Schneider Ray

4. 5-Hour Written Exam Test

It was quite pleasant to write the exam with the Schneider ink Rollerball. Because the pen writes with ink, it does not encourage you to press the pen firmly onto the paper when writing quickly, this relaxes the hand, causing symptoms of fatigue to appear only late in the day, if at all. Only the “thenar” hardened after a long time. The pen is not suitable for writing on correction band. In this case, however, an ink eraser does the trick.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion of the Schneider Ray ink rollerball test & review: The Schneider Ray in rollerball is well suited for writing 5-hour exams. Despite its imperfect ergonomics for the fingers, it lies well in the hand and the rollerball refill encourages relaxed writing. For those who like to write with ink, the Schneider Ray ink rollerball is certainly a smart purchase.

The Schneider Ray ink Rollerball can be purchased in well-assorted stationery shops. Alternatively, you can buy it at Amazon.

6. Scoring by Points

Manufacturing/ Haptic:10/10
Writing Performance:10/10
Writing on correction band:2/10
Speed Writing:8/10
Suitability for long Writing

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