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BIC 4 Colours Grip


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1. Facts

Lenght:5.7 in
Girth of the grip surface:1.5 in
Weight:13,5 g
Price:$ 5.29
Scope of delivery:Ballpoint Pen

2. Scope of Delivery and Packaging

The BIC four color ball pen comes in this package:

Vier Farben Stift BIC

3. Design und Workmanship of the BIC 4 Colours Grip

The 4-color pen has a high-quality finish. Although it is made almost entirely of plastic, it does not show any processing residue or sharp plastic spots. The grip surface is rubberized for a better grip. The clip for attaching the pen to a clipboard or shirt pocket is made of one piece with the upper part of the pen. This makes the clip less flexible, so it does not move well. This rigidity also makes the clip more prone to breaking off.

4 Farben Kugelschreiber

There is an eyelet at the top of the pen to attach the pen to a clipboard with a string, for example.

The 4-color ballpoint pen by BIC that was tested here looks rather plain than special, even if the combination of pen colors harmonizes well. If you want the same model in a more stylish look, you can also find the BIC 4 Colours at the bottom of this page (click here) in gold, silver or other colors, and also in a metallic version.

4. Handling of the BIC 4 Colours Grip

The mechanism for clicking out the individual colors works relatively simply: to drive out a color, you need to press down the “switch” corresponding to the desired color. To retract the colored refill, pull down the “switch” of another color halfway. This will snap the refill in use back up.

4 Farben Stift

When a color is selected, the “switch” of another color can be used to select this new color. During the test phase, the individual “switches” got stuck from time to time.

4 Farben Stift Funktion
The blue “switch” is stuck.

But this is not a big deal, because you can easily solve this by pulling down a third “switch”. This way all the refills come loose again.

5. Writing with the BIC 4 Colours Grip

The four-color pencil from BIC has a weight of 13.4 g and with a grip surface circumference of 1.5 in, it sits well in the hand. With the rubberized grip surface, the pen keeps its grip even when you need to write a little faster or when your hand gets sweaty.

The pen is not really suitable for long periods of writing because its grip surface is a bit wider than usual, but it does not have an ergonomic shape fitted to the fingers. Here you can find out which pen is suitable for such purposes. So if you don’t have to write for a lot of time at a stretch, you’ll be happy with the BIC 4 Colours Grip.

The colored indelible refills of the BIC ballpoint pen move smoothly across the paper. With the 0,04 in refill, the line is fine and it’s easier to write neatly with it. The ink does not smear and allows you to write cleanly.

The four refills have the colors blue, black, green and red. If you want more colors, scroll to the bottom of the page or click here.

Test 4 Farben Stift

The colored ink in the refills has a strong color and even when the pen sat for some time and I didn’t use it for about 2 months, I could use it again right away as the ink hadn’t dries up. Still, the color is not as strong as in gel pens.

6. Price/performance ratio

The BIC ballpoint pen with 4 refills and a price for about $ 5 offers a reasonably good performance. You get a high quality processed, well-functioning ballpoint pen. The refills are indelible, can be changed and repurchased here.

7. BIC 4 Colours Grip refill replacement

To change the refills of the 4-color pen, you first have to click out the refill you want to change. Then you have to unscrew the cap and pull hard on the refill. Don’t be surprised, you have to pull really hard. But be careful that you don’t slip off and that the “switch” for pushing out the refill and the corresponding spring don’t jump off. Because both are loose as soon as you pull out the refill. And just as a matter of form I would like to point out that you change the refill at your own responsibility.

4 Farbenkugelschreiber Mine wechseln

When you insert the replacement refill, make sure that the “switch” with its spring is in the right place and then push the new refill in from below. Finally, all you have to do is screw down the pen. The BIC 4 Colours Grip refill change is now done.

7. Conlusion on the BIC 4 Colours Grip

The four-colored ballpoint pen by BIC is ideal for anyone looking for a ballpoint pen with four colors. It is well-made, relatively inexpensive and sits well in the hand with its rubberized grip surface. In addition, the refills write in strong colors and can be replaced if necessary, so it’s good value for money.

You can purchase the BIC 4 Colours Grip here.

8. Advantages of a 4-color ballpoint pen

The 4-color pen was most useful for me when I had to quickly take a lot of notes, for example, in seminars or lectures and I wanted to categorize the notes. So I wrote particularly important points in red, topics that I wanted to read up on again at home I wrote in green and headings I made blue. Then I wrote the rest in black.

But I also used the four-color ballpoint pen to label index cards. This pen allowed me to write on cards more densely. Because instead of leaving a line blank, I just used a different color, so the difference between paragraphs became clear even without a blank line. Also you can use different colors for different categories etc.

9. More Colors

In black or the shine versions, the BIC 4 Colours looks even more premium: (the font colors may change with the color of the pen).

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