Sensa Cloud 9 – Test & review

Sena Cloud 9

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1. Facts

Pen Type:Ballpoint pen
Weight:16.5 g
Length:5.51 inch
Girth:1.57 inch
Price:$ 22.50 (ebay affiliate link)
Scope of delivery:Pen incl. Refill

2. Manufacturing

Although the Sensa pen does not feel particularly high-quality considering its price, the feel is still pleasant. The pen’s center of gravity is quite far down, about where you hold it when writing. The Sensa’s gel pad on the grip surface is immediately noticeable. The gel pad can be pressed which allows the pad to adapt to your individual grip perfectly. When you let go of the pen, the grip surface regains its shape after about a minute. The tip and clip are made of metal. The twist mechanism for taking out the refill clicks in comfortably and feels high-quality.

3. Writing Performance

The refill of the Sensa pen is a Fisher Space Pen refill and does not smudge, glides over the paper with the usual resistance and writes well on correction band. The writing is easily readable and looks neat. The line of the refill remains constant.

4. 5-Hours Written Exam Test

Thanks to the gel grip pad the pen fits perfectly to your fingers and there are no pressure points or pain where the pen touches your fingers. In addition, the gel pad prevents you from holding the pen too tight which can prevent cramps. Nevertheless, even with this pen you can still feel your wrist at the end of the 5-hour exam, especially when you have to write very quickly. This does not or only very rarely happen during the normal writing phase. Contrary to my expectations, the fingers on the gel pad did not sweat a great deal and the grip was good. The Online refill did its job and wrote consistently well.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion of the Sensa Cloud 9 test & review: The Sensa ballpoint pen is particularly suitable for long writing phases, as the gel pad prevents cramping and pain in the fingers. Whether the high price is really justified is for the individual to decide. It is however understandable how Sensa comes up with the price. After all, there is really no comparable pen.

The pen is currently only available on Ebay (ebay affiliate link).

6. Scoring by Points

Manufacturing/ Haptic:8/10
Writing Performance:9/10
Writing on correction band:10/10
Speed Writing:9/10
Suitability for long Writing

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