better writing tools & Tips

Have you ever asked yourself: How can you write faster, better and without cramps? After all you have to write a lot and quickly, but at some point your hand hurts or tires out? Then the better writing tools & tips are perfect for you.

better writing tools & Tips
Nice colours, but not suitable for fast writing.

Then the following valuable tips and information will help you in your next longer writing phase to write more easily, faster and perhaps even more beautifully!

In order to write fast and a lot, but also neatly and comfortably, you need to have the following prerequisites:

1. A good writing tool

Here you can find out which pens are the best for exams. We have tested pens of the brands Sensa, Uniball, TenAgain, Schneider and Pilot.

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2. The right pen- and body posture

Here you will learn how to hold your pen correctly. And another important but underestimated aspect: the correct body and pen position when writing. Holding the pen incorrectly will cause your hand to tire too quickly.

3. Effective relaxation during long periods of writing

How do I relax my hand during long writing phases? You can find out here. Even with the best exam pencil and the correct posture, sooner or later your hand will cramp or your forearm will show signs of fatigue.

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4. Best pen, not just for exams?

Since not everybody has to write a lot and fast and therefore rather looks for high-quality, beautiful but nevertheless reliable pens, I have tested some ballpoint pens, gel pens and refills. Here you can read more.