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PenAgain Test Review

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1. Facts

Pen Type:Ballpoint pen
Weight:15.9 g
Length:3.93 inch
Girth:2.32 inch
Price:$ 3.34
Scope of delivery:Pen, refill

2. Manufacturing

The PenAgain is made of plastic and has a good feel thanks to its weight. The pen is rubberized and feels high-quality. The rubber is only a coating which has already come off at one spot, see photo.

Pen Again Manufacturing

One point of criticism is the way the refill is replaced, see photo of the instructions. On the one hand this is cumbersome. And it also can cause the refill to break and leak, which has already happened to other buyers from Amazon. The rest of the refill remained in the PenAgain, which made the pen unusable.

3. Writing Performance

Writing with the pen is unusual due to its shape. In order to write with the pen, the index finger must be guided between the prongs and placed centrally on the pen. The pen thus becomes an extension of the index finger. Although it is very unusual to write in this way in the beginning, you get used to this new concept surprisingly quickly. The refill used in the pen is unfortunately not of very high quality. It is very fine, but it doesn’t glide smoothly over the paper and you have to press relatively firmly. The refill also tends to smudge from time to time.

4. 5 Hour Written Exam Test

The PenAgain actually managed to ease the strain on my hand, such that my hand did not cramp once during the five-hour exam. This is the result of being forced by the pen to write correctly, i.e. with the whole arm. This success is clouded by the terrible refill, which makes the comfort of the pen null and void. You have to press hard on the paper and write relatively slowly because the refill doesn’t glide as good over the paper.

Another disadvantage of the pen is that you have to pinch your finger into the pen. If you want to have a quick drink or use correction band, you always have to take the finger out of the pen and put it back in again, but as you get used to it this becomes less of a problem.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion of the PenAgain test & review: The PenAgain could have been the perfect exam pen. Its ergonomics allow for long and relaxed writing. However, its inferior quality considering its high price and the time-consuming changing of the refill and especially the non-flowing refill void this advantage.

I would nonetheless recommend this pen because it relaxes the hand considerably.

The PenAgain is available on Amazon.

6. Scoring by Points

Manufacturing/ Haptic:4/10
Writing Performance:7/10
Writing on correction band:10/10
Speed Writing:8/10
Suitability for long Writing

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