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Parker Sonnet Black Test Review pen

Parker Sonnet

Parker Sonnet Test & Review – The Parker Sonnet is a ballpoint pen from the series of alternatives to the Mont Blanc ballpoint pen. So ballpoint pens that have a comparable quality, but are cheaper. Here you can find the overview of this comparison.

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1. Facts

Lenght:5.4 in
Girth of the grip surface:1.2 in
Weight:13,5 g
Price:$ 96,00
Scope of delivery:Ballpoint pen,
gift box

2. Scope of Delivery and Packaging

The Parker Sonnet is sold in a box made of solid cardboard, which is lined inside with a fabric that looks like Alcantara fabric.

Parker Sonnet git

Although the bottom of the box can be lifted off, there is nothing left in the compartment. Other comparable pens had a warranty card in this compartment, for example.

Parker Sonnet scope of delivery

The packaging feels very high quality, making the pen suitable as a gift.

Parker Sonnet packaging

3. Design und Workmanship

The Parker Sonnet consists mainly of brass coated with black clear lacquer. The gold trim parts are plated with real gold. In the gold-plated ring at the center of the pen, the Parker logo is engraved along with the brand name and Made in France. The design is thus timeless and noble and also resembles the classic Mont Blanc design.

Parker Sonnet photo

The finish is perfect and the gold-plated parts are also flawless. The clasp to twist on the pen, to change the refill, scratches slightly, which is due to the thread made of metal, but doesn’t really matter.

Parker Sonnet workmanship

However, there are two points of criticism about the construction of the pen. First of all, the clip of the pen does not work with a spring, but only via the tension of the metal. This means that every time the clip is used, the metal is slightly bent, which in the long run leads to wear.

Parker Sonnet Details ballpoint pen

The other point of criticism concerns the slight difference in height between the tip of the pen and the rest. There is a slight unevenness which is not very noticeable visually, but shows that the parts do not fit perfectly. Of course, this is complaining on a high level, but this shouldn’t happen in such an uncompromising pen.

Parker Sonnet Review pen
Some more nitpicking: there is a height difference between the golden tip and the body at the top. At the bottom, the connection closes flush.

4. Handling of the Parker Sonnet

With 28.3 g, the Parker Sonnet is heavy, but feels firm and good in the hand. The pen has a quality feel to it. The weight is balanced, which means it is equally distributed over the entire pen. It would be a bit better if the weight was shifted a bit further to the front half, i.e. towards the paper. Because if the pen is too heavy at the top, you have to compensate for this imbalance when holding the pen at an angle, i.e. when writing.

Parker Quinkflow refill

The Quinkflow refill of the ballpoint pen twists out smoothly. The mechanism is a bit firmer than that of the Mont Blanc Pix, but it feels pleasant and of high quality.

5. Writing with the Parker Sonnet

The Quinkflow refill of the Parker Sonnet glides smoothly over the paper. The line is fine and does not smear. As with the Waterman Expert, the fine tip emits less ink than a wider tip and therefore glides over the paper somewhat less smoothly. However, this is a matter of taste and can be changed with a different refill.

Parker Sonnet Writing test

With a diameter of 1.2 in, the pen is easy to grip, but the diameter of the Parker Sonnet would have to be a bit larger or ergonomically shaped to be comfortable for a lot of writing. But for making notes, signatures and for everyday life in general, the Parker ballpoint pen is definitely well suited.

6. Price/performance ratio

The Parker Sonnet cost $ 96.00 in the version tested here (the price can change from time to time). This pen is therefore a bit pricey, even though it is high-quality and assembled by hand and with gold-plated parts. Because it is not perfect. However, for the price of a single Mont Blanc Pix, you would get two Parker Sonnets. For a pen of this quality, and taking into account that Parker is also a brand name, the price is not completely overpriced, but just not particularly low either.

7. Conlusion on the Parker Sonnet

The Parker Sonnet is a noble and timeless ballpoint pen, which leaves nothing to be desired, except for a few small things. It is well made, consists of high-quality materials and also writes very well. So if you’re looking for a Mont Blanc-style ballpoint pen, you’ll be happy with the Parker Sonnet.

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