Holding pencil correctly and proper posture while writing

Writing properly

In order to be able to write fast and relaxed over a longer period of time, you should consider the following points:

1. How do you hold a pen correctly?

In order to keep your hand from cramping up and to be able to write as quickly and relaxed as possible, you should hold the pen in the so-called three-point grip.

With this grip technique, the pen is fixed between your index finger and thumb and is guided in this way. The index finger should be as parallel to the pen as possible, as this makes it easier to guide the pen with your arm.

The pen should be placed approximately on the upper joint of the middle finger. The middle finger itself does not carry the pen.  

called three-point grip
Here the pen is guided in the so-called three-point grip
called paw grip
You should not hold the pen like this (so-called paw grip: the middle finger also carries the pen)

2. Write with the whole arm

The movement should not come from the fingers or the hand, but from the whole arm and shoulder. This may seem strange to you, but it relieves the strain on your hand and wrist and allows you to write longer and better.

best posture while writing

3. The correct position of the wrist

Your wrist should be straight and not bent. The pen should be the extension of your arm and should be in a straight line to it. Make sure that you write with your whole arm and not only with your wrist.

correct position of the wrist for writing

4. The correct posture

You should be sitting upright at your desk. Your shoulders shouldn’t fall forward. Pull them back and lift your chest. If you lean forward too much while writing, your muscles in your neck, shoulders and arms will tire faster.

Also make sure that your desk and desk chair meet ergonomic requirements.

proper posture while writing

5. Tips for a quick recovery

Here you can read about what helps you if your hand hurts or is fatigued. And you can also find the pen that best supports you in long writing phases.