Faber Castell Poly Ball – Test & Review

Faber-Castell Poly Ball Review

Faber Castell Poly Ball

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1. Facts

Lenght:5.4 in
Umfang der Girth of the grip surface:1.3 in
Weight:13,5 g
Price:$ 10.99
Scope of delivery:Ballpoint pen

2. Scope of Delivery and Packaging

The Faber-Castell Poly Ball comes with a “Ballpoint Pen Refill XB” refill without any special packaging.

Ballpoint Pen Refill XB Faber Castell

3. Design und Workmanship of the Faber Castell Poly Ball

The Faber-Castell ballpoint pen is made almost entirely of plastic. There are parts that look like metal, such as the clip. However, these are actually made of “chrome-plated” plastic. Experience has shown that the “chrome layer” on such parts flakes off over time. During my test over the last few weeks, however, there were no signs of this yet.

The main part of the pen is made of a plastic that is hard, but feels pleasantly grippy, almost like velvet; Faber-Castell calls this material “non-slip soft-touch surface”. The pen shows no signs of poor processing. The plastic is consistently free of sharp edges or other production residue.

The pen’s push mechanism works smoothly and the “click” when the refill comes out doesn’t sound cheap, even though the pen is made of plastic.

4. Handling of the Faber Castell Poly Ball

The cross-section of the ballpoint pen has the shape of a rounded triangle and thus adapts to the posture of the pen.

Faber Castell Pen

This makes the Faber-Castell pen sit comfortably in the hand.

Ergonomic form of the FAber Castell Pen

The non-slip plastic allows for a good grip. In addition, there are grooves placed around the grip surface, which also help to provide a good grip on the pen. The grip surface is also thick enough so that the fingers do not have to grip it too tightly, which makes writing more relaxed.

5. Writing with the Faber Castell Poly Ball

The Faber-Castell ballpoint pen sits well in the hand due to its comfortable material and slightly ergonomic shape, which makes writing with the pen comfortable and relaxed.

The tip of the pen glides well over the paper and has not smudged so far.

Faber-Castell ballpoint pen Test

Faber-Castell advertises the pen as a pen for frequent writing, so I also tested the pen in a 5-hour exam. Here I noticed that the material loses some grip when you sweat slightly on the fingers. When writing quickly during the exam, you tend to grip the pen more tightly. As a result, although the pen feels soft, it does not budge – unlike a gel grip surface – so that the fingers stiffen slightly, especially towards the end of the exam. The grip surface is also not perfectly ergonomically shaped and therefore only partially supports the correct grip.

For those who do not have to master comparably long writing phases, the Faber-Castell ballpoint pen will enable them to write well and in a relaxed manner.

6. Conlusion on the Faber Castell Poly Ball

The Faber-Castell Poly Ball is a well-made ballpoint pen that is also suitable for writing longer texts because of its material and shape. However, it did not meet the requirements of a pen for frequent writing, among other things because the grip surface is triangular, but not optimally fitted to the fingers.

The ballpoint looks good and is reasonably priced. So if you like the Faber-Castell Poly Ball, you won’t regret buying it. Personally, the XB refill from Faber-Castell was too thick for my taste. If you want to use the ballpoint pen to write on index cards, forms or similar, I would therefore recommend the M refill.

You can buy the Faber Castell Poly Ball here.

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